This season, we are required to make all parents aware of the Mid-State Conference parent guidelines, and have a signed copy on file for each participating child.  In addition to the attached, the CJFL Board would like to mention a few things:

the discount card is our biggest fundraiser each year. We ask that each participant sell a minimum of 10 (parents with multiple children will only be required 5 additional for each child). We continue to have problems with players not returning either the cards or the money. For example, last year, we had more than $3,000 worth of cards that were not returned. PLEASE ensure that you do your best to sell the cards and see a board member if you have problems returning them.

if you have any issues whatsoever, please bring it to the attention of either your parent liaison or a board member. We ask that you not address issues directly with your coach, or with other parents. The goal of CJFL is to make each season the very best for you and your child. Open communication will allow us to continue to do so.

this year we will have brand new uniforms for each player. It is mandatory that they be returned. Year after year, uniforms go missing and this is simply not acceptable. If you would like to purchase your child’s jersey, that can be arranged.

The CJFL is run by volunteers. The coaches, the board and you, the parents are what allow the season to run smoothly. Each parent is asked to volunteer for games, to run the gates, concession stand, chains, announce games, etc. We never require that you work during your child’s game time. If you cannot or simply will not volunteer, this year we ask that in lieu of working, you donate soda or other items for the concessions stand.

it is a huge commitment to parent a football player! We appreciate that you support your child’s decision to participate in our program. PLEASE ensure that you have your child at all practices, games, and other events early. The coaches rely on everyone being here on time, every time. If you have an issue with practice times or transportation for your child, please communicate with your parent liaison so the coaching staff can be made aware.

Together, we can make this the BEST season ever!!  TROJAN UP!!